Remedial massage- Test treat, retest


“Where does it hurt?”

Rob Hunter mobile massage therapy Tamborine Mountain
I have asked this so often over the last few years that is has become a byword…but the answers are often very mixed.


“My shoulder…sometimes my arm… when I put my neck just so… here, when I’m driving…”

Before commencing any treatment, your therapist (me) needs to understand a lot about you. So the first part of the treatment is your story… or rather, the story of your body.

What you have done with it, … sports, injuries, major trauma… and what you are doing with it… medication, diet, exercise, treatments. This provides the base line. I will then measure you- your weight, height, waist circumference, blood pressure, how you stand, how you walk, how you move. This provides a very good picture of what is working… and what is not.

A large part of this focuses upon the area of your current complaint. From this context, a list of probable dysfunctions is formulated… then these are also tested with special orthopaedic tests… so that a final short list is devised and the treatment is then formulated… all of this process is discussed with you along the way.

This is not unusual… Remedial massage draws from the disciplines of osteopathy, chiropractic and physiotherapy using the techniques of therapeutic massage to manipulate , stretch and develop soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments and myofascial matrix).

This is a very interactive process. You will be involved in most of the activity
 Neck and shoulders
 Arms, elbows and hands
 Lower back and hips
 Pelvis and thighs
 Legs, knees and feet

This analysis process can take thirty minutes… and for this, there is NO CHARGE.

If you don’t like the proposed treatment, or you feel uncomfortable with the process… we can stop right there.

The treatment will take no more than sixty minutes. It is likely that you will need to continue the work with a short series of stretches and gentle exercises and then I will schedule another appointment (rarely does a restriction respond to just one treatment) set at your convenience. Of course, the second treatment will not repeat the tests, so it will be just sixty minutes.

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