Relaxation Massage


There are times when it hurts “all over”… when you feel tired from just general living… you’re feeling tetchy, or there’s something of a brain fog that’s slowing you down

shoulder pain relief CanungraThat’s a fair indication that your nervous system needs some downtime. Now, an overseas holiday is a great way to do just that, but more immediately at hand is the one hour of body massage… in your own setting.

That’s where relaxation massage comes into its own:

  • in your own home (or office)
  • at a time that suits you
  • focused upon your needs (everyone has a different body region to which they would like more attention
  • 60 minutes of “me-time”- your environment, your music, phone off (or on) as you require
  • using Swedish, Shiatsu and advanced stretching techniques personally crafted to ease your body… you control what areas you want to be massaged (e.g. neck and shoulders, back and hips, legs and feet, all back, full body etc)
  • Usually table-based work, but you can choose seated (which is often preferred in an office situation as it is fully clothed )

Rob Hunter mobile massage therapy Tamborine Mountain60 minutes for $65; 

90 minutes for $90

Combining the movements of Swedish with Shiatsu manipulation and some advanced stretches, I will provide a gentle, rhythmic approach that eases stress and gives you back your positive “vibe”. The oils used are natural and slightly aromatic and you can choose your personal favourites.

Nor does this have to be a specific routine, some clients have the whole hour on back and shoulders, some on legs and feet- each session is tailored to your needs.

Seated Relaxation for Small Groups

Make your next retreat a special one, a treat for everyone to talk about after the event.

As a feature for a special interest group on a function or retreat) (e.g. artists, professional groups, a small office), I provide seated massages on site. seated massage at Mundoolin relaxes while at work

This means that you could have say 6 team members each receive a 20-minute relaxation massage (fully clothed, no oils) over a two hour period.

Seated massage can be specific to shoulders-arms-hands or neck-shoulders-back as required.

Seated massage in the office or group (minimum of three)… 20 minutes for each person… $65