shoulder massage at Mount Tamborine eases pain

Relaxation Massage

in your own home (or office) at a time that suits you focused upon your needs (everyone has a different body region to which they would like more attention 60 minutes of “me-time”- your environment, your music, phone off (or

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Mobile Remedial Massage Tamborine Mountainfor back pain

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage re establishes the range of motion and reduces the pain experience in limbs and parts of the body under strainor injury. Tamborine, Canungra, Beechmont residents can have this delivered to their home. Remedial massage therapy is recognised by major Health Funds

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Sports injuries at Tamborinecan benefit from remedial massage

Rehabilitation and Sports Massage

Rehabilitation massage accelerates the healing process of soft tissue damage and limits the damage (atrophy) to muscles that are immobilised during the healing period

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60 minute sessions for $65

Relaxation or remedial massage in the convenience of your own home. Extended (90minute sessions) $90

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Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between remedial massage therapy, physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic and myotherapy?

There are more similarities than differences.

We are all manual therapists.  None of these professions prescribe pharmaceuticals, all require tertiary education ( Masters for Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Chiropractic, Advanced Diploma for Myotherapists, Diploma for Remedial Massage Therapists) and all subscribe to the underlying philosophy that the body has the capacity to heal itself if restrictions are removed.

You will find that in each case, extensive analysis of your history and your movement pattern is assessed.  You will be given post treatment exercises to embed the treatment.

From that point, it’s a matter of treatment technique.

Put simply (and appreciating there is significant overlap between each approach), the osteopath will look to the manipulation of soft tissues that support the skeletal structure; the chiropractor will be more direct in manipulating the skeletal structure (both are licensed to use high velocity, low amplitude manipulation- “the crack” ) ; and the physiotherapist is more likely to align the body via TENS, vibration, exercise and stretch.

The myotherapist  works with soft tissue manipulation, dry needling and trigger point therapy  to achieve pain relief.

The Remedial Massage Therapist  uses predominantly deep tissue  techniques of massage and Myofacial Release to relieve aches and pains.

All are recognised as valid therapies in Australia by the health insurance companies and rebates are applicable .

Which one should you go to?

This has more to do with the relationship you can develop with the individual therapist than the actual technique. If you have trust and and feel safe in the hands of a particular professional manual therapist, you are more likely to apply the after treatment care and follow through. You control the effectiveness of the therapy by how you feel about the way you are treated.


Do I need remedial massage or relaxation massage?

Relaxation massage is a soothing process to ease stress and calm the spirit. It will involve some light stretching, some movement, but generally you can sleep or lie totally disengaged, letting the therapist’s hands move over the body in rythmic, soothing patterns .

Deep tissue is a form of relaxation massage that delves below the superficial musculature to access trigger points and adhesions in the deeper layers – it’s applicable if you have stressed muscles, aches and pains- often indications of overwork and stress.

You will finish restored and ready for the world, again.

If you are on holiday, relaxation massage is the way to go!

Remedial massage is about addressing movement restriction and pain.

It is a measured and targeted process of restoring range of motion and easing pain and discomfort.

Your movement will be measured and tested. The process will be thoroughly explained and will involve your participation.

The work (muscular energy technique, mobilisation, Onsen therapy, structural alignment) will be around the areas you have nominated and the soft tissue that is affected or attached to that area.

Rarely, if ever, is the treatment a single, stand-alone session.

How much room do I need?

A large room. The table is 2 metres  and the support area is another 30 centimeters, but I need some room to manoeuvre, so 3 metres by 2 metres is a minimum. This means that a bedroom would rarely be big enough, but clients use the rumpus, lounge , verandah or poolside as alternatives.

Most of the holiday cottages on the mountain are set up with a fireplace in the lounge, a perfect site.

Do I have to take my clothes off?

For Relaxation Massage to be most effective, skin on skin contact with an oil or balm is a primary component, so it is usual to to be wrapped in a large fluffy towel over just your underpants.

However, this is personal choice and it’s all about ease of mind. If you prefer to be massaged through clothes (such as a seated massage), I can do that too.

Remedial Massage testing requires that I see the operation of your spine, so gym wear or a bathing suit is usual and access to the painful limb is important.

What time of the day can the session be booked?

I complete two sessions each morning  and two sessions each afternoon , Monday to Friday and I can vary start  times to suit your needs. After your first session, you can check the booking sheet and select a time that suits you.

How do I pay?

After the session, I can take cash or credit card and you will be supplied with an invoice showing the treatment provided and the appropriate claim numbers for your respective health fund.

Hi-Caps (for automatic health fund rebates) is not available to mobile services, unfortunately.

Can I claim this on my health fund?

Yes, Remedial Massage and rehabilitation work is recognised as a valid therapy by Health Funds if you have that coverage. Just submit the invoice details via your fund’s rebate process.

Relaxation Massage is not so recognised.

Can I have my phone on and choose my own music?

Yes, it’s your session. I recommend that to gain the best from relaxation massage, you turn off all other distractions, set a soothing environment, but for some clients that is not feasible- your choice. Remedial sessions involve a lot of your involvement and movement, so your capacity to be distracted will be limited.

If you have questions that have not been covered here… phone to discuss or send an email

After a hefty session of moving a big pile of sand, your remedial back massage worked wonders. Thank you for being so professional yet empathetic. I will be back

Polly, Mt Tamborine

Thank you so much Rob for the wonderful neck and shoulder massage you gave me. It was fantastic. Very relaxing. I had so much tension in my neck and shoulders. I highly recommend Rob as massage therapist. Thank you once again

Cherylin, Brisbane

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