Meet Rob Hunter.

Rob Hunter mobile massage Therapy CanungraI’m the owner and operator of Tamborine Mountain Bodywork. This is a mobile massage service providing relaxation and remedial therapy to the residents of Tamborine Mountain, Tamborine, Mundoolin, Wonglepong, Biddaddaba,  Canungra, Clagiraba and surrounding areas.


Why Mobile?

It’s mobile because I found that clients attending clinic wanted privacy, their own music, their own bathroom, the ability to answer a phone call or attend to a child when needed.

Mostly, it was the ability to schedule an important relaxation or therapeutic session into your day rather than change the day around a “visit”. Clinic attendance was simply an inconvenience, so many who should have benefited simply passed it by for “another day”.

Qualified, Insured and Registered

I’m a graduate of QAcademy -Diploma of Heath Services (Remedial Massage), with Certificates in First Aid, Workplace Health and Safety (Working at Heights) and Workplace Assessment and Training. AMT membership shows professionalism and standardsI’m a senior (level 1) member of the Association of Massage Therapists.

Local experience

I have worked for eighteen years in the Australian Public Service and fifteen years in the construction industry. I regularly hike, garden, attend weekly Pilates and JuJitsu, raise chickens, play with dogs and grandchildren… in fact, a typical hinterland lifestyle… just like yours.

More importantly, I’m local… well nearly, I’ve only been here for fifteen years… and I’ve experienced a span of life that means I can understand what it means to feel the loss of range of motion in an arm or leg; the weakness that wasn’t there before; the aftermath of a fall or accident; the pain and frustration of putting up with less than you know you can.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

I can help.

Remedial Massage therapy is…

a structured approach to understanding the individual posture and range of motion, essentially your personal movement style and easing the soft tissues (muscles, ligaments and fascia) back into their proper position and role. It involves releasing “stuck” tissue.. knots… and reestablishing original movement patterns. It affects the whole body and plays upon the natural functions of the nervous system. This happens without medication, without blind acceptance (every process is explained beforehand), but it does take time. Your body needs a full hour to free itself…. and another hour to reassimilate.

My study is influenced by the works of Ida Rolf (Structural Integration) and Tom Meyers (Anatomy Trains) with a strong emphasis upon posture and balance, full range of motion, gait and breathing.

My personal philosophy is to live life to its fullest potential and I want that for you, too.