Rehabilitation and Sports Massage

On Site Rehabilitation Massage

Muscle and tendon injuries can happen anywhere, at any time. While not every injury can be treated with remedial massage, it can make the process of getting better, easier and quicker- particularly in the comfort of your own home.

golfing injuries benefit from shoulder and arm massage therapyRehabilitation massage accelerates the healing process of soft tissue damage and limits the damage (atrophy) to muscles that are immobilised during the healing period (e.g. “moon boot” effects on walking and balance after six weeks).

Regular on-site treatments mean that you have a convenient way to progress and accelerate your recovery program and this can be done in conjunction with your visits to the hospital, GP or your physiotherapist.

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No work is commenced without a series of motion range tests and special orthopedic tests and the program is discussed with you, before commencement.

Detailed photographed reports on improvements in mobility, range of motion, flexibility and strength conditioning can be made available to you to take to your supervising medical authority.

This is part of Remedial Massage Therapy and, as such, the visits are refundable with your medical insurance, if you are appropriately covered.

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It is not unusual for your massage therapist to be incorporated into a “wellness team” to provide a comprehensive recovery package. 

On Site Sports Massage

Preparing for that big event?

cycling injuries benefit from hip and thigh massage therapyOr looking for some recovery after the exertion?

Your speed, reaction time and endurance are highly related to the oxygenation of your whole body system and your capacity to recover.

This is where massage therapy excels.

The deep tissue nature of stimulating muscle fibres, circulatory, nervous and lymphatic systems mean that you are optimized for performance. If a 60 minute pre-event session is scheduled 24 hours before the starting gun, you will find the full effects of the massage are able to be drawn upon.

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A massage session is specifically geared to suit your dominant musculoskeletal demands, often targeting the antagonist muscles to ensure full release and a balanced approach to the training regime. The session can be targeted to your coach’s requirements but is always completed with your consent and approval.

Sports massage can be similar to relaxation therapy with the exception of pace. Pre-event tends to be faster and more stimulating, ensuring that body fluids are refreshed and the nervous system is fully activated.

Post event massage is focused upon minimizing damage and shortening recovery periods… corked thighs, sprained ligaments, tennis elbow (medial epicondylitis), painfully overused hands are the typical adverse effects of prolonged workouts for modern sports competitors.martial arts injuries at Tamborine Village can benefit from remedial massage

The pace is slower, more relaxed, muscles and tendons stretched and realigned, this is important to aid recovery and ensure you are ready for the next event.

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