Remedial Massage

“Where does it hurt?”

back ache at Tamborine can be treated with remedial massageIt was an injury from sports or work or just overdoing what you love- golf, tennis, art, gardening… now the pain is stopping you from enjoying life –

what to do?

you could go to your doctor…but it doesn’t seem like something that warrants that approach, and you don’t want to take another pill.

There’s the local physiotherapist or chiropractor -but that involves setting up an appointment, waiting for availability and disrupting your day- how do you get ease from pain, unlocking a range of motion, treatment for your unease… here, now

That’s where On-Site Remedial Massage fits the bill.

Remedial massage is so much more than a firm massage, it addresses pain and restricted motion.

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Problems like:

  • Shoulder and arm restrictions
  • Hand/wrist and finger stiffness from overuse
  • lower back pain
  • Golfers’ elbow
  • Feet that hurt and toes that don’t move at all.
  • Pelvic restrictions
  • Shortness of breath
  • Postural complaints
  • shin splints

Harness the power of Remedial Massage therapy at your home – by the pool, in the rumpus, wherever you are comfortable.

shoulder massage at Mount Tamborine eases painDrawing upon the principles of osteopathy, physiotherapy and myotherapy, remedial massage applies soft tissue manipulation, stretching and trigger point recognition to ease soft tissue adhesion, strains, overuse aches and pain.

Slow, gentle interactive therapy that emphasises your comfort and stress relief.

  • The privacy of your home/office means you control your environment.
  • There is no downtime waiting in a clinic or commuting to another site- before or after
  • Remedial Massage therapy is a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical way to address muscle weakness, limb restrictions, aches and pains
  • The therapy is completed within the scope of the plan… you are informed at every component and retesting is completed regularly to assess real-time improvements- there is no guesswork.
  • Remedial Massage is recognised by the Health Insurance Organisations as a legitimate therapy and is claimable from your Health Fund (if you have an appropriate cover)

Remedial Massage Therapy is soft tissue manipulation that targets the ligaments, myofascial connective tissue and muscle groups that are out of order, with the result that your movement is restricted and the limb/ body section stimulates pain receptors. It draws from the same scientific rigour as all recognised manual therapy treatments…osteopathic, chiropractic, physiotherapy, myotherapy… and follows the same strict criteria.

 The Australian Massage Therapists Association AMT membership shows professionalism and standardsdetermines the standards of professionalism and the records are auditable by the Queensland Department of Health and associated health insurance providers.

No work is done until the problem is clearly understood. So a detailed health history is combined with range of motion and posture tests to appreciate both the cause and the appropriate treatment- all of which is shared with you. This can take 30 minutes. While the treatment will take no less than 60 minutes.

You do not pay for the first thirty-minute assessment period of the initial assessment.

The treatment might be performed on the table or seated and might involve:

  • Muscular Energy Technique
  • Mobilisation
  • Advanced Stretching
  • Myofascial Release
  • Neuromuscular P T
  • deep tissue restrictions
  • Postural alignment

and the follow-up may involve some exercises to maintain and strengthen the region.

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This can be complemented by a detailed report showing your musculoskeletal status and the plan of remediation to achieve your goals. You will know what is involved all the way. Subsequent visits (it is rare that one session will totally relieve an ache or restriction ) will only be 60 minutes duration.

What do you need to set up?

A room. Somewhere you feel comfortable, where I have the capacity to move about a two-metre table. Clients often choose the rumpus, a private sitting room, even beside the pool. It will need to be at a temperature that you can relax (so air-conditioning is often best)  and, since balm is used, you might want to shower following the treatment. I supply all towels, heat packs and whatever exercise tools may be required.

What do you wear?

That depends upon the area being worked. The initial assessment is about movement and range of motion, I need to see the flexibility of the musculoskeletal system… so a swimsuit or gym outfit (not a tracksuit) usually does the job, comfortable and flexible. The treatment phase will usually only involve contact in the specific area of pain… so a neck treatment, for instance, requires access to upper shoulders, neck and upper spine. Leg work can be done in shorts. The lower back usually involves access to the full spine.  Much of the work can be done clothed, it is little more invasive than a trip to the chiropractor or physio.