Arms and hands- pain and restriction

  Hands and forearms can be so overworked by seemingly innocent activities, the things we love to do… music, art, felting, hairdressing, motor cross, drumming… all these involve repetitive actions by one set of muscles.

The result is overuse syndrome and carpal tunnel syndrome- pain.hairdressing overuse syndrome- hand pain therapy



so what can be done?…

quite a bit actually!

You can take the steps to rest the muscles, apply ice to the painful areas and stretch the affected tendons.

I will commence by measuring the range of motion of your elbow, wrist and fingers, looking for restriction of pain points.

I can use myofascial release techniques to build resilience within the soft tissue, stretching and rotation to align the structures, thermography and  myotherapy to ease the aches- this is a two person process… you will be assisting in all of these movements.

Each session lasts 60 minutes.

And then its back to you… a series of simple exercises designed for your particular issue.

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